"Gutsy Direction. Standout Performances."
  Tim Rhys, MovieMaker Magazine


A gripping
drama for our times
directed by Oliver Tuthill.

The Right to Bear Arms
is the story of illegal gun dealers targeting United States Prosecuting Attorney Philip Richards for assassination. Richards is a spokesman for a gun control organization based out of Seattle which seeks tighter restriction and control of handguns. Without realizing it, his son, Richard “Tweaker” Richards, falls in love with a female member of a gun gang overseen up by the notorious gun tycoon Brutal Magnus as portrayed by John Savage. The girl, Willow, a run-away from an abusive step-father in Los Angeles, is picked up by Victoria Henderson to be recruited by the gang to help them buy guns. Willow hates guns and refuses, but Victoria decides to befriend and protect her from life on the streets while training her to be a dominatrix. 


Is she
the one
that can
save him...

Tweaker is fighting a homicidal rage that has been smoldering within him for years. Enraged by the accidental shooting death of his twelve year old sister involving his father, and an overbearing mother who forces him into engage in unspeakable acts, he is repeatedly encouraged by familiar voices to murder people. He seeks to have his demons exorcised in a violent and bizarre manner, resulting in meeting Willow who becomes the love of his lifetime.

The Right to Bear Arms is about the people who love guns and profit from them and those that despise and hate guns and who have been hurt by them.


She was
his Once
in a

The Right to Bear Arms is a story about love and how love can heal the pain within us if given the chance.


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